Inspiring others through community and education, we at WanderMighty are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and love for adventure. From the experienced backpacker to the budding outdoor enthusiast, we are dedicated to serving our audience with integrity and excellence.

We offer informed, objective and honest commentary on all things related to the outdoors – from unbiased gear reviews to articles of interest, we strive to provide our visitors the resources they need to make their next outdoor excursion a memorable one.


Ralph Waldo Emerson once penned,

“To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom.”

Here at WanderMighty, we understand that life is a journey, not a destination. To that end, we aspire to foster a pioneering spirit, a thrill of exploration and discovery, encouraging our visitors and communities to embrace and become responsible stewards of the great outdoors.


Born in October of 2018, WanderMighty was created with a singular purpose in mind: To educate and promote activities that encourage people to get outside! From very humble beginnings, WanderMighty has taken shape from a simple gear review and advice website, to a destination that offers a full complement of guides, tutorials and feature articles.

WanderMighty began life with two auspicious, cornerstone feature articles: “Is Dehydrated Food Good for You? Learning the Facts” and “How to Choose a Survival Food Kit”. Since then, WanderMighty has experienced significant growth and success in the outdoor and recreation spaces, evolving into a comprehensive and trusted resource for both outdoor novices and experts alike.


Founder and brainchild of WanderMighty, Dave Vigallon oversees the daily operations and functional activities that keep the website humming. Reaching out to Dave with comments, questions or inquiries means you get a personalized and thoughtful response; no canned replies here!

Dave knew at an early age that going back to big city living was never an option. At the age of 16, his family relocated from a large city on the West Coast with a populace of over 120,000 and moved to a small, rural town in Western Montana with less than 1,800 people.

Even at that age, with the Rocky Mountain Range literally in his backyard, Dave recognized that discovery and outdoor adventure were ripe for the undertaking. Many failed camping trips and broken fishing poles later (and the hilarious stories that accompany them!) Dave’s experience in the outdoors is one of continuous learning and respect.

Fast forward decades later, much wiser (and slightly grayer!), Dave continues his journey to enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer. From multi-day fly fishing excursions deep within mountain hollows, to overnight backpacking and camping trips, his passion for adventure continues to thrive both offline and at WanderMighty.

When not tying blood knots on the water or figuring out how holes appeared in his pup tent, Dave enjoys reading, writing and enjoying the company of family and friends.